About Us

If you are looking for fresh peonies directly from a grower, you came to the right site. Buying directly from us ensures that you get fresh plants that meet highest quality requirements at a very reasonable price. We ship peony rootstocks from mid July till late  May. Peonies are extremely vigorous plants and if the soil is not frozen, they can be planted any time. If the soil is frozen, the peony roots can be stored in a cool place for months.

Our peony nursery contains lactiflora and tree peony plants. We have also started growing Siberian iris, double hepaticas. Our tree peonies are 5-7 years old. We have been crossbreeding the tree peonies for a number years and are excited about some crosses that we hope to introduce in the near future. Our interest in native species peonies has brought us some very interesting varieties from Siberia to the Caucasus, that we think are highly under utilized. We feel these are as beautiful and noteworthy as many of the common peonies and should be enjoyed by more gardeners. With this in mind we are devoting a larger part of our peony nursery to the propagation of these species varieties.

In addition to our western lactiflora plants, we sell native Eastern species. We have a large collection of these 5 yr. old peony plants which we recommend as landscape plants due to their highly developed root system and vigorous growth habit. Our experience has shown that actual peony color hue is dependent on soil type and plant age, and with that in mind we are offering either red, white or pink.

PeonyNursery.com is a family owned nursery located near the Lithuanian city of Panevezys, in the eastern part of Europe. Our love of peonies developed when the fall of the Soviet Union opened up our borders to Dutch plantsman who recruited growers such as ourselves to provide them with additional root stock for their worldwide peony flower market. Having previously been growing tulips for our local market, it was an easy transition and one we are expanding on yearly.