We are now accepting orders for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 delivery. Note: minimum retail order is $50.
All our stock is grown in Lithuania. We do not accept orders from Russia and Belorussia.

We sell bare root peonies. Some varieties are available at wholesale prices. Please contact us for details on wholesale pricing.

Attention for US customers

If you import 12 or fewer peony roots , you do not need a permit. We will provide phytosanitary certificate.
If you are importing more than 12 plants:

PPQ 587 is an application for a permit to import plants or plant products, including:
peonia spp for planting.
We provide phytosanitary certificate
You can learn more about admissibility and entry requirements for certain plants by calling
Permit Services at (301) 851-2046 or toll-free at (877) 770-5990 or by email at

Attention to Canadian customers

To request a Plant Protection Import Permit, visit the My CFIA link and sign up for a My CFIA account today.
We provide phytosanitary certificate.

We also provide a bank transfer payment option. Please send us a requested variety and quantity list , and we will send you an invoice with bank data. We respond in various main languages. For Baltic countries and Poland ,Finland fast two days courier delivery to your doors at reasonable prices.

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